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An increasing number of governments, schools and institutions are recognizing the importance of providing a platform for young children to engage in Arts and Performance. Whatever the future holds for us, it is almost certain that the ability to express ideas clearly and meaningfully to others, either live or through video, will be important for success. Performance skills have also been shown to have a positive impact on a wide range of other skills – including social skills, speech & language development, confidence, presentation skills, and physical & mental health. Our TSDYL course provides valuable foundation knowledge and skills for those who are interested to transition to teaching in these areas.

What is TSDYL?

What is TSDYL?

TSDYL is an acronym that stands for Teaching Speech and Drama to Young Learners. This certification covers the foundation principles of Speech and Drama, with an emphasis on how to teach Speech and Drama to young learners. The course will help prepare you for a teaching position working with any age group from 2-18.

What is covered in the TSDYL?

What is covered in the TSDYL?

The TSDYL course consists of 3 modules:

  • • Teaching Young Learners
  • • Speech
  • • Drama

Each module consists of 6-7 units for a total of 20 units in all, covering the following topics:

Teaching Young Learners

  • • Introducing Young Learners
  • • Motivating Young Learners
  • • Behaviour Management
  • • Building Rapport
  • • Being Understood
  • • Giving Instructions
  • • Introduction to lesson planning

Teaching Speech

  • • Planning & Preparing speeches
  • • Structuring a speech
  • • Engaging Your Audience
  • • Using Your Voice for Speeches
  • • Presentation Materials and Visual Aids
  • • Rehearsing a speech and overcoming nerves

Teaching Drama

  • • Drama, theatre, and the performing arts
  • • Using your voice in acting
  • • Using your body in acting
  • • Getting into character
  • • Improvisation
  • • How to teach drama in the classroom
  • • Health and Safety in the Drama Classroom

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